Friday, March 4, 2016

The only spot in Mexico........

So far despite all my travels around the south west and a whole bunch of the Baja SUR, I have only found the Pyrrhuloxia in one spot. And that just happens to very at the very southern end of the Baja, in a little arroyo that run down into Bahia Frailes. Many of you might have heard of or been to "Cabo" or Los Cabos as it is officially named. Just a few milers to the east of Cabo, is the rapidly growing town of San Jose Del Cabo, where the major International Airport is located. 20 or so miles east of there is Bahia Frailes, a beautiful white sand beach, that is frequented by passing sailboats that are transiting from the Pacific side of the Baja to the Sea of Cortez.

When Jeanne and I sailed down the west coast of North America, from Seattle to La Paz, Mexico, Frailes was a great stop over, and gave us substantial protection form a strong northerly blow. I dinghyed ashore several times in search of new "Mexican" birds, and was not disappointed. I am pretty sure I got 6 new Life Birds, and two of the Baja's indigenous species to boot.

My biggest surprise was a pair of Pyrrhuloxia. There is a section of this sandy arroyo that a few of the northern "Snowbirds" travel to and set up their camps. Trailers and 5th wheel all snuggled into the natural little niches in the local flora.

Jeanne and I have traveled back down there by land several times, and even have taken Casa Poquita down. We wait until after May 1st, when the Snowbirds have vacated.

The Pyrrhuloxia, Cardinalis sinuatus  is in many ways very similar to the bright red Northern Cardinal, but can be easily differentiated by stubby, more rounded beak.

I guess I will just have to keep looking, as I am sure there are a few more out there, they just seem to be a bit shy!

This is the Female. Every time we have seen her, she has been the shyest, never ever leaving to cover of the under brush.


This male even got comfortable enough to fly down into our camp! I am pretty sure he just wanted to check out my camp chair!

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