Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Eurasain Collared-dove

                                                            Eurasian Collared-dove
                                                             Streptopella decaocto

Love is in the air, and nothing in the bird world brings that to mind liked the soulful cooing of doves. While in certain locales around the US, Eurasian Collared-doves are pretty common. Down here in Mexico, they are spotted much less frequently. The bulk of the spotting's are north of the Baja Norte-Baja Sur state line. I discovered a small group living with in a 6 block radius in El Centro, the downtown part of La Paz proper.  Further north, I have seen them along the Pacific side of the Baja, as well as on the city edge of Mulege, BCS, Mexico. This very pretty dove is an import from Europe, and is starting to increase in population, and range to nearly every part on 48 continental US.

The three shots below were all taken near Mulege. They were quite distracted and paid very little attention to me.



This photo was taken on a foggy morning, near the Pacific ocean in the town of San Carlos, BCS

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