Monday, March 28, 2016

I am back!!

The cyber world got me last week!! I was not paying attention, and Microsoft just took over my computer. Next thing you know, I now am running Windows 10!  That in of it's self is not a bad thing, but the fact that I lost (for a while) my entire desk top, links and passwords really put me in a bind. Added to that, it appears that back in 2009, we tried to add a blog on the Google site, about our boat and the trip south. I used the same e-mail and password as the "Bird Nerd" site, so you just imagine how much that messed things up! Try as I might, I could not log on to my blog!!  Panic was setting in......but I persevered!!

So, I am still getting things cleared up, and back on track till then, here is a shot of the Belted Kingfisher that was fishing right in front of our boat last night!!


  1. His feathers look as if he was a successful fisherman. Dad

  2. Yes SHE was....I knew that but in my haste to type it, crossed the genders! A Few of my fellow bird nerds have called me on it!