Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A Mexican Oasis

I have come to learn that Baja California Sur has a lot more diversity than I ever would have guessed. Sure, there is the hot dry desert, but with the thousands of miles of coast line, the expanse of mountain ranges, brackish water marshes, and the fresh water oasis's that dot the map, the diversity is amazing.

Once such oasis, is Rancho Ecological Sol de Mayo. This beautiful piece of land set aside as a reserve , see's a large number of local Mexicans who enjoy the year round waterfall and refreshing pool during the heat of the summer. For me, it not only a nice place to "get away" but had some great birding, amazing photo opportunities and was a nice location away from any city environments.

The lodging is some what basic, but included a separate building that was our bedroom and bathroom/shower. A second building is set up as the kitchen and dinning area. Between the two buildings is a small courtyard area, with shade and a seating area.

I am using this photo with permission from my lovely wife Jeanne

It was also fun to have our stay occur during last falls Full Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon!

Of course, this would not be a story from me with out the results of a few days shooting birds!

I have to start off with one of my favorite American Kestrel shots. Actually, in next weeks Bird Photography Tip story, this shot would be very much part of that lesson. you will have to come back to get that story to know what I am talking about

Here is s very nice White-wing Dove

A Gila Woodpecker

House Finch

It is always fun to find some of the Baja's endemic species, and one of those was the Xanthus's Hummingbird.

Here is a Juvenile Costa's Hummingbird getting a snack...

Just so you know that there are other things here to watch besides birds. This could be my all time favorite lizard picture ever! This Banded Rock Lizard stuck his head out from behind the corner, and the contrasting colors just jumped right out at me.

Here is a quick collection of some of the Dragonflies and Damselflies that were around the waters edge.

...and one very large Praying Mantis that was right above me in the courtyard at sunset as we have an evening glass of wine!

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