Monday, March 21, 2016

Sunday Morning

I was laying in bed, thinking about the day to come, and what I wanted to accomplish. There is always things to do in the office, with out a doubt there is a boat project or two....or, I could go get some photos of the different "Black Headed" gulls before they migrate out of here!! All this thinking cause me to get a late start, but I headed for the beaches to see what kind of gulls might still be around. I was hoping to see Laughing, Sabine's, Bonaparte's, and maybe a Franklin's. This group of gulls all show a completely black head during breeding plumage. They also migrate north about now, so timing is everything. I covered a lot of beach front, but all I found were the one I figured I would not find....isn't it always that way? Here is a picture of the Franklin's Gull.

Of course while I am out there, no reason to limit my shots to just the gulls.....This Black Phoebe has always been one of my favorites to photograph! Very patient, always posing so nicely...easy to work with.

The White Ibis is one of the largest wading birds we have around here. This one was snaking on little fishes that hung around the low spot where the water rushed in. The lighting just seemed awesome!

The American Avocets are just starting to get into their breeding colors with the orange tint to their head!

The Killdeer is a pretty common little wader, especially around parks, golf courses, and sports fields. We hardly ever see them down here so this was very nice surprise!

There seemed to be a lot more Black-necked Stilts that I have ever seen before. Caught this group on their way to another part of the field!

I keep hoping the White Faced Ibis will start their breeding plumage but so far..just plain brown. Eventually they will get a white crescent in the front of their face, between the eye and the bill.

This is a fun little gathering.....A Blue-winged Teak, Cinnamon Teal, the afore mentioned White Faced Ibis, and a Greater Yellow-legs.

And since we are doing little gathering, we will wrap up todays post with  Our American Avocet and the Male Cinnamon Teal!!  Thanks everybody.....

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