Thursday, March 3, 2016

Non-traditional nesting sites for local Mexican Hummingbirds

In the last few years we have seen an increase in Costa's Hummingbirds using what could be considered "non-traditional" nesting sites. Sailboats!  Yes, here in Marina Palmira, each year there seems to be more and more of these very small hummingbirds building their nests in and on various locations of sailboats. While there have been a few that were successful in raising their two (generally) babies to fledgling age, in many circumstances, the location they pick has a tendency to move...even if it is just to go out for a day sail. Of course, they like to build the nest in protected areas, with some cover over the top to keep the direct sun off the nest. This usually means on a line under a bobstay or like yesterdays find, right in a mizzen sheet block.

Then owners came to get me yesterday, as they were getting ready to go sailing for a week, when they discovered the very unhappy mother, and her nest in a very precarious location. In a couple of circumstances I have been able to take some time, get mom used to me and have her follow when I move the nest. Please understand, I do not ever recommend interfering with a nest, but I will try if there is no alternative, and the nest will be moved away from the mother or will be destroyed. Unfortunately this time, she followed, but did not resume sitting on her nest. The upside, is that she will go do this all over again, hopefully in a less mobile location!!

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  1. This is a problem that rest with the boat owners choice of moving the nest. You are doing a service to the bird to salvage a home from a diffident loss. Sometimes you win , sometimes you loose. Good job! Dad