Friday, September 23, 2016


At some point, it just seems like I have seen every bird I am going to see, and start to get an itch to move on to more fertile birding grounds. Sure enough, just about that time, it happens, a new bird shows up from out of no where. It just happened for me. Right after the hurricane, there have been several species in this area, that, while not new to my "Life List", have not been common either. On my most recent shoot, I found way more warblers, very small colorful birds, that I ever have, anywhere here in Mexico. In with this horde of warblers was a pair of Mac Gillivray's Warbler. Not only did I get to see them, but I even got some decent pictures as well!

Here is the male

And, as is much the way of the bird world, here is the slightly more drab female!

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