Tuesday, September 20, 2016

It's all about the light.

In virtually all photography, the one biggest concern is the light. The lack of it, too much, or where it is coming from. When I am pursuing birds, the amount of light as well as location are very critical for me. Not enough light, my pictures are too dark, or I have to make adjustments to my camera that will allow the photo to happen, but the quality will suffer. The first two hours of the day, the last two hours of the night are what is considered "The Magic" hours. For me, I never want to take a photo with the light behind my subject, or "Back Light" as it ends up being just a black silhouette, with no color of features coming thru.

Of course, for every rule, there are exceptions, and her are a few of mine.

I took this early Saturday morning. This Belted Kingfisher, was looking for breakfast.

On the Saturday morning, right after the Hurricane, I made a trip to the reservoir and found this Great Blue Heron, resting on the top of a cactus.

This Great Blue Heron was found sitting on the break water just before dark...

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