Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The La Paz Tidal Flats

As many of you might know, due to the increased heat here in La Paz, all of our winter time migrant birds have skipped town and headed north. So, this is the time of year that I spent time scouting out new birding locations. Since I am still coming to terms with my new camera, it is also a great time to get in some practice with the D750. The last couple of weekends have had favorable tides to be able to wander around the mangroves and see what is cooking out there, some what literally! We have been between 100 and 103 everyday for over a week now.

The camera is the bomb!!! I love everything about it, but there is some much to learn, that I feel like I am missing out on features that I don't even know are there.

If you have been following along with my stories on 10000 Birds, you will already know bout my new Lifer!!  Last weekend I got to not only see. but somewhat photograph a Clapper Rail!! The photo was not nearly what I had hoped for, but it is a start and now that I know where they are, perhaps I can improve upon that image

Here are a few of the other highlights from last Sundays morning out on the La Paz Tidal flats!!

I don't remember when I have had so much fun watching one species of bird, like I have the Black Skimmer. I have hundreds of amazing pictures, so it is very hard to decide which to keep...

We still have a few of the Laughing Gulls flying around, but I have not been able to find where they roost?

I have gotten to see more Yellow-crowned and Black-crowned Night Herons than any where I have ever been. This Yellow-Crowned was just chilling on the old tire!

Another unusual bird is the Wilson's Plover. This one was really chowing down on the little Fiddler's Crabs that were running around at the waters edge. there are literally millions of them

I was able to catch this Great Egret just touching down.....looks to me like it was testing the water first!

A huge thanks to all of you that have been following along!!

The Bird Nerd!


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