Sunday, June 26, 2016

Still having fun out on theTidal Flatas

Right now, the hottest birding spot on the Baja seems to be the tidal flats here in La Paz. So, I guess if it ain't broke, don't try to fix it. Saturday morning was bright and sunny, so I headed back out early, just to see who was still around. Ok, I gotta be honest, I was hopping to see the Clapper Rails again, but no such luck. I did take advantage of a few species that showed up, and were looking their very best!

After all my troubles trying to find a Mangrove Warbler, now they are popping up everywhere!

Lots of babies now starting to leave the nest. This young Verdin is flying, but still flapping it's wings trying to get mom and dads attention, and some food!

Despite them being all over the place, I rarely, if ever take photos of the cormorants in this area. This Double-crested Cormorant was flying by, and just seemed like the thing to do!

There were several Whimbrels in the area, but rare do they fly, just walking along the beach eating a shrimp or two...

There is no shortage of Snowy Egrets, but I had climbed up on a retaining wall, and got the nice shot from above!

There are still a pretty good number of Black-necked Stilts around. Several flew right over my head!

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