Thursday, June 9, 2016

Breaking in a new body....

I know, that really sounds kinda funny, but it is only a new camera body! Not that I could not use a little younger, less achy body to get around in! Last week, I took delivery of a new Nikon D750, my first full frame, digital high performance camera! So far, I am very excited. The images have been crisp, the available data if nearly 3 times the DX size cameras I have been using. But...there is still quite the learning curve, as this has more bells and whistles that any computer I ever owned.

My first real time out with it was on a camping trip with our great friends Scott and Monica, down to La Ventanna. Jeanne and I spent last Christmas break there, and the bird population was amazing. I was pretty sure that this would be some what diminished as many of the migratory species have all left town for cooler climes up north. Speaking of cooler, we had our first real sign of things to come, as it was a steady 100-105 all weekend here, and that was right down on the water.

My favorite bird of the weekend was the Scott's Oriole. We see a very large number of Hooded Orioles in this area so to see the Scott's was a real bonus. I will begin to post some of the birds I capture with the new D750.....hopefully it will be worth the money I paid for it!!

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