Tuesday, April 19, 2016

YIKES!! The time does fly!

When I stated this blog, I promised myself that I would get something on here at least twice a week. I just looked up an 9 days had passed. Yes I have been working, and yes I have been doing some now weekly writing for a couple of international websites, but this still has to be a priority, as this is mine, and only mine!

So, what I have I been up to, well, as you might guess, I have been out with the birds a few times!

First there was the Green Heron, that has learned to fish with bread! I am still trying to get a movie, but the Readers Digest version is that right in front of the marina restaurant, customers throw bread in to the fish. The heron will grab a piece of bread, and then hold it right in front of him, floating in the water. When the fish come to eat the bread, they in turn get eaten! If the bread floats too far away, it will pull it back and wait.

Here it is with the bread......

Now gently put it in the water....

Wait for it...wait for it......

Got it!   lunch is served!!

....and down the hatch it goes. Now lets go get another one!!

To be continued tomorrow!!   I promise!!


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