Sunday, April 3, 2016

Black Crowned Night Heron

I so vividly remember, nearly 6 years ago, when we were sailing down from Seattle, heading for the warm sunny waters of Mexico. I was looking forward to all the new birds I was going to find, and in fact had already found several for my life list before we reached San Francisco.

After an exhausting 5 days of sailing, with the 4th day being the closest thing to Hell on water, we pulled in to Yreka, California. To say we were wiped out, would be one of the larger understatements of that particular decade. Despite the fatigue, the one memory that flashes back from that brief respite in a marina, was just as dark was upon very first Black-crowned Night Heron swooped down into the marina and landed on the bow of our Sailboat.

Now, after spending several years here in La Paz, Mexico, these herons that I was so excited to see, have actually become a bit of as pain in the butt! Their affinity for roosting on boats was fun when it was just one night. When you are paid to maintain your customers boats, in a clean, heron-poop free condition, roosting Night Herons become less of a favorite.

In all honesty, they are a beautiful bird, and I do still smile when I see the young heron, that was born right here on the edge of the Marina, now in it's full, mature plumage! So, I guess I will keep the hose, brush and soap ready, because I just enjoy seeing them to much to try to drive them away!

These next two photos are our local Baby...all grown up!

Hummmm....Ok, now get off there!!

Now you know it has to be pretty darn hot for the local Night Herons, to just plop down in the water and sit there!! I can not say I have ever seen this before! This is not the best of photos and he was a long ways away, but I  really wanted this shot!

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