Sunday, April 10, 2016

So many little time! Rancho Maria

Actually, this time of year, the business starts to slow down, most of our customers all leave, in order to escape the brutal Mexican Heat! So far, nobody got that memo!!   I have been swamped with boat repairs, especially water maker stuff!

One of our local boaters, has a wonder wife, Maria, who was born near here in Mexico, has a huge family rancho. This land butts up against the Sierra De La Laguna biosphere. On Saturday, they were nice enough to take us over and give us a tour!

I have been looking for a certain bird ( the Endemic San Lucas Robin) and hoped this might be the place I track one down. No luck there but we had a great time, and saw a few birds!

This photo shows the oldest home in the area, this is where Maria's Mom and Dad lived, To get there was well over an hour's drive on dirt roads, part of which required some of my best 4x4 driving skills!

At some point in the near future, I will post a complete story on the Biosphere!

This local Gray Thrasher was just singing away!!

The second of the endemic species for the day was the Xantus Hummingbirds.


Here is a beautiful Ash-throated Flycatcher...

I spotted this Lazuli Bunting on our way up the road!!

This female American Kestrel had her mate there when I started to take the picture, but then he got shy!!

This is a unique bird for me. The Large-billed Sparrow. You can see why. There is some discussion as to whether this is just a sub-species of the Savannah Sparroiw, of which we already have two other sub-species

This Western Scrub-jay was very happy to just sit there and be photographed!

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