Sunday, May 20, 2018

An update, on the updated update!

OK, now I am done here in Australia, unless something really crazy should hop, or fly out in front of us on the way to the airport tomorrow. When I last updated my previous update, I was at 499 bird species on the Little Big Year list, and hoped for one more to get me above 500. Jeanne plotted a course for us today, with one major target in mind. The one bird that had escaped me, and was really bugging me, especially if I should leave this awesome country with out seeing. The Emu! We were up early, and on our way, with our first stop to be at the Malbup Bird Hide, in the Ludlow-Tuart Forest. I was barley out of the car when #500 showed up. The Spotted Pardlote!  This lovely little bird was picking its was thru the underbrush, along with several other birds. The actual Bird Hide is a beautifully constructed blind, that is about 500 meters from the car park. All totaled, we were in the park about an hour, maybe a little more and I found 26 species, which added 5 to the Little Big Years List, The Splendid Fairy-wren, Western Whistler, Red-capped Parrot, and the Inland Thornbill. 

From there, we made several stops, including an amazing burger at "Burger Buddy" in Margaret River. From there we headed towards Nannup, with our last hope for finding the Emus. Just before the turn off, Jeanne and I both spotted them at the same time, 4 big fat Emu's right on the edge of the tree line!  SWEET! Ok, I really can't comment on their weight, but they were Emu's and that is all I cared about.

With the Emu's found, that puts the Little Big Year at 505!!  Lets bring on South Africa!

Here is a quick picture of that Bird #500.

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