Tuesday, August 23, 2016

And this is a wrap on the Zoo animals

Here are the last of the animals from the Guadalajara Zoo!  I just can not say enough great things about this Zoo. It's cleanliness, the open enclosures for the animals, the diversity the access to the whole area, by walking, open air train or sky tram.... Just amazing!

I must admit I can not find my notes on the exact name of some of these cool deer....but here are the photos anyway

I am pretty sure this is an Mongolian Ibex?  If you know what these are, please do not hesitate to drop me a note...

Same goes for this beautiful guy.  Possibly a Kudu?

HEY!!  Guys, over here please!   come on give me a break, I finally get you all lined up, and you go shy on me!!

So what is a zoo with out an Elephant?

All day I kept checking back to try to get a good photo of the Mexican Wolf...they just kept hiding in the brush...on my way out of the Zoo, I made one last stop...and here they were!

This guy was running around on these ropes, suspended over water....and while I was watching him, I got to see a brand new bird for me, the Collared Seedeater.

We are going to wrap this up, with a very casual dude, who was over here from Down Under! This Kangaroo was sound asleep, and had absolutely no modesty!  LOL

I hope you have enjoyed your tour of the Guadalajara Zoo!

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