Monday, July 4, 2016

On the road again...

Well, actually, the road, a plane, a get the idea. Jeanne and I are in Guadalajara, Mexico for some medical work for her. Don't fear, I still have gotten in two great days birding, one day at the Guadalajara Zoological, and the second, back to the Parque de La Coloma, where we were a few weeks ago. I have several new birds, including 4 new Hummingbirds, and a few Mexican birds that will take a little research to Exactly which species they are. I have a really good idea, but need to make sure before I put my foot in my mouth.

So, hang in there and I will try to get some pics posted on Friday when I get back to La Paz.

Happy 4th Of July to all of you!

The Bird Nerd

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