Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Back in La Paz

After the better part of a week, most of which was in the hospital with Jeanne, I have returned to La Paz, and  full scheduled of boat work, and other silly responsibilities. You know, those "work" things that get in the way of birding!! In the two days prior to Jeanne's surgery (which went very well, and she is doing great) we got a couple days of exploring the local area. We spent Saturday at the Guadalajara Zoo. The zoo is truly amazing....it is huge, with many of the areas being large open area enclosures. This allows for viewing the animals in a much more natural setting. In the next few days I will post some of my animal pictures.

The second day, we went back to explore Parque De Coloma, where we spent some time last visit. This is such a huge park, the we have barely seen 2/3's of the area, in our visits. I will post a group of some of the highlights of both locations.

While they would not be considered a wild bird, while here in the Zoo, it was still fun to see the Flamingos!!

The Rufous-backed Robins were running around gathering food for their babies!

The Green Herons have become one of my favorite birds to photograph.

This was my very first Social Flycatcher, it was grabbing dragonflies right above the little heron in the picture above 


These are Lesser Goldfinches..

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