Saturday, February 13, 2016

This Weeks Mystery Bird??

                             Mystery Bird!

Each week, I am going post a photo or two of a bird I have seen. This is where all of you following along get to interact and let me know what bird it is?

Now, of course I will give you some clues, location and time of year the photo was taken and all you need to do is reply to the blog with that species you think it is. is this weeks "Mystery Bird"!!

This bird was spotted in Mezteno Bay, On Isla Espirtu Santos, La Paz, BCS Mexico.

The photo was taken February 17th, 2014. This flycatcher like bird was actually quite shy, and not really wanting to be in any kind of spot light. The unique feature to be considered is the white band on the tail. This is not a fault of the photo, as it is prevalent in several of the images I was able to obtain.

Ok everybody, lets see if we can figure out what this pretty little guy(or gal) is!!  If you have trouble replying to this blog directly, feel free to drop me a note at


  1. He looks a lot like the King birds we had in WA, but the wrong color. What is an Outfitter Beach? Dad

  2. Many of the local guides take their guests diving, snorkeling and swimming with the sea lions, and then do lunch on one of the beautiful white sand beaches. There are also some guides the do multi-day kayak trips around the island and use those beaches to set up camp for their guests