Thursday, February 16, 2017

The new hits just keep rolling...

After finding that Red-naped Sapsucker on Saturday, Jeanne and I made a run over to the Pacific side of the Baja, in hopes to find a good bunch of the seasonal shorebirds that we have found there in the past. The shorebirds were a bit of a bust, but we did manage to find a good bunch of fun birds. The highlight, which at the time seemed a little less of a thrill than it has turned out to be, was spotting a Nashville Warbler. This beautiful bird was feeding in a large blooming tree right at the edge of the little village, and at first I thought it was the very common Orange-crowned Warbler, which I had seen 20 or more of already that day. Once it climbed out on a branch so I could see it better, the blueish-gray head gave it away immediately. When I was doing my reporting, I found this bird to be quite rare for this area, and so I sent off a series of photos to help verify the identification, and location.  Here are the images that I submitted to eBird to verify!

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