Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A new bird weekend!

This last weekend stared off with a bang, or at least a steady pecking noise! Just as I was leaving the store early Saturday afternoon, my attention was caught by a small woodpecker that was giving the nearby palm tree a good working over. Now, normally, there is a pretty good population of Gila Woodpeckers, an occasional Ladder-backed Woodpecker, and an even rarer Gilded Flicker, that all make an appearance here in the general vicinity of the marina. This bird was just different...I was not sure right off, but ran for the camera quickly. This little woodpecker turned out to be Red-naped Sapsucker. While not completely unheard of, this was my first one ever, so I was very excited.

And in this image, you can see the red spot at the nap, that helps this bird get its name. Also the unique pattern on the back of this bird helps to make an identification.

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