Monday, January 23, 2017

Social Flycatcher

In yesterdays post, I had commented about the Great Kiskadee that I had spotted, just before the Russet-crowned Flycatcher made its appearance. Very similar to the Social Flycatcher, with a slightly longer, thicker bill bill, and often visible yellow crown, this bird lives in the same locations, so one needs to pay attention to what you are looking at. The biggest field identification aspect is that the Great Kiskadee has a strong Rufous coloration to the wing and tail edges, while the Social Flycatcher only has slight rufous edges....hum. Case in point, I recently did a story about the Great Kiskadee, posted several pictures of a Great Kiskadee, but missed the fact that the lead photo was actually a Social Flycatcher (color me rufous embarrassed) So, with great care, here are a couple of my Great Kiskadee pics from Last weekend. In the last photo, you can see the often hidden yellow crown.


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