Sunday, January 22, 2017

A last minute appearence!

After several hours traipsing around the bushes of Bosque los Colomos, in Guadalajara, and finding lots of birds, some new, some old, the one bird that I had not been able to find was the Russet-crowned Mot-mot. I had promised Jeanne, just a few minutes more, as I wanted to walk along this one area, and then we will head back to the hotel. There was a rumor of several Eastern Bluebirds, as well a couple of Male Vermillion Flycatchers in that area. While I never did get a good shot of the bluebirds, I was quite surprised by a Great Kiskadee that landed right in from of me. A few nice images later it flew off, as if be chased away. In fact, it was, as a pair of Russet-crowned Mot-mots flew right in and took the same spot as the Great Kiskadee. I was very excited, especially when one flew right down, nearly at my feet, and grabbed a bug. I was not able to get the bird on the ground, but it obliged me, by carrying its lunch up to a close by branch, and showing off its snack!

A trip to Guadalajara will just never be the same with out a chance to see some Mot-mots.

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