Friday, April 21, 2017

Small peeps from the coast!

By now you know that we have been spending some of our quality bird time over with the migrating shorebirds, on the Pacific side of the Baja. I have covered some of the larger birds that we saw, so today I will cover the smaller birds, or "peeps" as they sometimes are referred to.

My all time favorite peep has to be the Snowy Plover. With the bird on the endangered, or threatened species list, depending on the location you find the birds in, it is always fun to see them, and get some nice photos.

We don't get to see Western Sandpipers over on the Sea of Cortez side very often, so it is fun to see this beautiful bird, even if it is pretty common through out the world

One of the more common peeps all over North America is the Semi-palmated Plover, but does not make them any less fun to photograph!

If you were to count the peeps on the Pacific Coast, I would have to think that the Sanderling would be a large number ahead of all the others! Here in Mexico is no different, as wee see flocks of 50 to 75 birds quite often.

For tomorrows blog, we will move a couple of hundred yards in shore and cover some of the desert birds that live close to water!

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