Monday, March 13, 2017

The Big Three

When I am walking the Malecon, or large sidewalk that is along the La Paz waterfront, there are three large wading birds that I see quite frequently. There is always quite a bit of confusion as to identification for many of the local birders, as to which is which. The Marbled Godwit, the Whimbrel, and the Willet. Now the Willet is much easier to split apart from the three, as it is a bit smaller, and basically all gray.

The harder part is the other two. The tip I give my seminar attendees, it the Whimbrel has a bill that does down, and the Marbled Godwit has a bill that goes up ( as in up to "god")

Here first is the Whimbrel, with the strong median crown stripe...

And the Marbled Godwit and its upturned bill.

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